Facebook vs. the Blog

19 Jul

Blogs are a way of expressing your feelings and thoughts online and to your friends and the general public. So is Facebook. So why choose a blog over Facebook?

Well, if on Facebook you wanted to rant about something, no one’s really gonna listen, while on a blog people will read and comment. Blogs allow you more freedom and more privacy, as the blog is not really in your name. It is your own creation, something that you can use in any way.

Also, on Facebook, there are a lot of creepy stalkers and whatnot.

There are cool Facebook terms, like ‘like’, ‘status’, and ‘chat’

I guess you could say blogs are kinda nerdier, with terms such as ‘blogosphere’. Try saying that in a room of ‘cool’ kids.

Besides, you can’t turn Facebook pages into blockbuster movies 😉



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